Renae + Aaron Engagement Session at Old Stone Church, West Boylston

We first met Renae and Aaron at their engagement session at Old Stone Church, and within about 24 seconds it was apparent they were each other’s best friend. The playfulness and laughter was nearly constant when they weren’t natural loving moments together. Usually couples start a session feeling a little awkward to be photographed, a little shy, but I think what happened with these two is that their comfort with each other gave them comfort in front of the camera. Or they were just naturals.

We originally planned to shoot a week and a half earlier but rescheduled due to rain. That ended up working out perfectly for us; by the time we got around to the engagement date, the leaves were nearly at their height of changing colors. (Note: If you have the choice to shoot on October 1 or October 15, choose October 15. Big difference.) The only thing that made this evening a bit tricky was that there was an independent movie crew filming different scenes of a horror movie basically everywhere I wanted to shoot. We managed to mostly avoid each other, though there might be a ghost or two that I haven’t yet noticed in these photos. There’s definitely a super-tame rabbit.

Their wedding next September promises to be a fun one.

Cameras: Sony A7 and A7IV  ||  Lenses: Sony 35mm 2.8 Zeiss and Sony 50mm 1.4 Zeiss

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